Sima 2013: Semeato drill set to trash the competiton

New Holland laid claim to one of the largest stands at the show, centre of which was the heavy-duty Semeato drill – the first European fruits of a two-year partnership with the Brazilian drill specialist.

It’s a South American-made machine, which has been designed to work in no-till conditions and has been adjusted for the European market by adding pneumatic distribution and Isobus compatibility.

Because it is designed to work on top of metre-tall cover crops it weighs in at 8t and provides up to 330kg of pressure on each coulter.

Discs are offset to improve trash flow through all 26 rows of the 4.5m wide machine. There are also 5.2m and 3m variants, the latter is lower spec and gets mechanical seed distribution.

Working speed is recommended as a steady 5kph and the mid-sized version will

require about 150hp on the drawbar.

The 4.5m machine will carry 1,600litres of grain and 900litres of fertiliser in the hopper.

There have been no prices announced yet, but the PS4025 will just be sold in France to start with. Expect to see it in the UK in the next couple of years.

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