Simba launches 6m Pronto

THE NEW Simba Horsch 6m Pronto seed drill will make its debut at Cereals 2004.

Complementing the 3m and 4m versions, the new addition to the range boasts a work rate of up to 50ha/day (120 acres/day).

The Pronto drills are equally suited to either plough and non-inversion tillage said Simba.

They are the first machines to feature elements from both partner companies, with Simba‘s cultivation tines and levelling board aligned ahead of a row of 550mm double disc press rings.

This is followed by the Horsch double disc seeding unit.

The arrangement of the leading tines can be changed according to ground conditions and trash levels.

When working in non-inversion seedbeds, for example, they can be split into two rows, which helps trash flow through the machine and reduces ‘hairpinning‘ of straw, said Simba.

New on the 6m version is the option of a polyurethane-shouldered DD ring, which retains all the firming and consolidating properties of its steel counterpart but is much lighter.

The new model folds to 3m for transport, needs 180-250hp, includes hydraulic folding disc markers, hydraulic eradicators and pre-emergence markers and has a list price of £51,680.

Simba stand: 950

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