Slurry and muck spreading under the new Nitrate Directive rules – topical tips from Joskin

Belgian slurry and muck spreader specialist Joskin has produced a booklet to give practical guidelines on farming under the new Nitrate Directive rules.

This tough legislation limits fertiliser and manure applications to 170kg/ha N (70kg/acre N). This is particularly difficult to calculate when it comes to muck, due to its inconsistent levels of nitrogen.

Drawing on studies from Europe’s leading research institutes, this free guide outlines the best practices to optimise manure usage on both arable and pastureland.

Key to this is adopting the right spreading technique to limit ammonia losses through volatilisation. The company cites precision application and injection as the most critical means of maximising the nutritional value of manures while ensuring application practices fall within the latest regulations.

The booklet contains tables to give typical breakdowns of nutrient values for different materials plus some practical and financial examples to back-up the theory.

To obtain your free copy call 00 32 485 551 737, email or visit the company’s stand at Grassland & Muck 2008, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire on 21-22 May.

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