Slurry Kat launches umbilical slurry pipe safety system

Slurry Kat safety systemNorthern Irish firm Slurry Kat has developed a new system that makes it possible to stop the flow of manure through an umbilical slurry pipe and protect the pump at the same time.

In some spreading systems the restricted return at the pump means there is a risk of hydraulic shock on the impeller or gearbox if there is a sudden drop in pressure, which can cause fatal damage to the pump.

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However, Slurry Kat says there is no risk of pressure build-up and burst pipes with this system and the operator can stop the flow to the applicator completely for an unlimited time without the risk of failure anywhere in the pipeline.

The set-up is completely powered by the hydraulics of the pump’s own oil cooling system and works automatically, with no input from the operator. The pressure and parameter settings can be tweaked from the cab to suit different types of slurry as the tank or lagoon is emptied.

The system is managed via a control box in the tractor cab that displays live pressure readings from the pump and is powered by the tractor’s 12V supply.

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