SlurryKat Doda slurry pump speeds up big jobs

SlurryKat has introduced a higher-output Doda AFI HD45 centrifugal pump for umbilical slurry systems where large volumes have to be moved quickly.

The pump has typical flow rates of 600cu m/hour and has been tested with umbilical systems with 150mm and 200mm flexible pipelines, pipe sizes commonly used in the US, Canada, Russia and Estonia.

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With traditional umbilical systems in the UK and Ireland normally using 100mm and 125mm pipelines over the past 15-20 years, there is a demand from larger contractors and farmers to move to these bigger, more efficient systems.

The pump is available as a tractor pto model or direct drive for coupling with an engine.

It houses a three-blade chopping system for handling heavy fibrous material and incorporates a Wida tungsten mechanical seal to protect the oil-filled driveline system.

The Doda is manufactured with a heavy-duty impeller and body housing, that should give longer life.

It comes complete with an 200mm or 250mm suction line depending on operator requirements.

The material is spread via a 320deg swivel outlet which is said to ease the delivery process.

Priming of the pump is carried out with a hydraulic vacuum primer or with an optional submersible pump, which can be placed up to 6m deep.

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