SlurryKat reveals cheaper 7.5m and 9m dribble bars

Northern Irish manufacturer SlurryKat has revealed a new range of lightweight dribble bars aimed at the budget end of the market.

The bars are available in 7.5m and 9m working widths, and are 50% lighter than existing models.

That should make life easier for operators fitting the rigs to existing tankers, the company says, and help to minimise any balance or weight issues that may arise.

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The bars can be fitted without a hydraulic linkage, saving cost and weight. New features includes spring-loaded auto-reset booms that are more forgiving of trees or pylons.


The new models use the same Vogelsang macerator/distributor as SlurryKat’s premium dribble bars to maintain a decent spread of material across the width of the machine.

Prices start at £6,750 for the 7.5m model.

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