Machine Mart debuts small compressors and no-gas welders

Machine Mart Airmaster

Machine Mart Airmaster

Machine Mart has launched a basic range of air compressors, which are aimed at the DIY or semi-professional user for a variety of daily tasks.

The Airmaster Tiger range features fully automatic stop/start controls, twin outlets with outlet pressure regulator/gauges and efficient intake air filters. The larger models in the range get a“V” twin pump for a higher output.

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Tank sizes top out at 100 litres and maximum working pressure of 8-bar can be achieved, with prices in this range starting at a very reasonable £107.98 (including VAT).

Also new from the tool specialist is a dual-purpose MIG 145 no-gas welder, which offers the advantages of MIG welding without the need to lug around gas bottles.

Ideal for small car repairs, it can handle mild steel up to 4mm thick and has plenty of safety features such as non-live torch, which can be put down while working without sparking, electronic wire speed control and thermal overload protection.

Power can be adjusted from 35-135amps and runs from a standard domestic 230V supply, while some flux corded wire, a head shield and instruction manual are included to get you going.

This model is available for only £203.98 (including VAT).