Soyl make slight work of fertiliser

The Precision Farming Event produced a good crop of new GPS devices.

Soyl’s new entry-level variable rate application system called Soyl-Opti uses the firm’s recently developed Soylsync wireless transfer technology to make fertiliser application quicker and more accurate.

The new unit comes with a built-in mobile phone SIM card which uses Soylsync to connect the tractor to Soyl’s servers and download application maps in the field. This is particularly useful for variable rate nitrogen, says the firm, where application maps are required regularly throughout the spring.

The Opti unit is durable and easy to use, says the company. With just three presses of a button an application map is loaded and ready for spreading.

The system also takes away the need for the operator to return to the office to download maps, saving time and labour costs and eliminating the need for the operator to have computer skills.

Soyl-Opti is said to be compatible with all the main spreader, sprayer and drill brands and costs £995 + VAT. This includes a rugged terminal, suction mounting kit, on-board GPS and a cable to connect to the spreader, sprayer or drill controller.

“The Soyl-Opti is a simple tool for a specific task and is the ideal entry for a farm approaching variable rate applications for the first time,” says the firm’s Simon Parrington.

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