Spearhead joins Alamo Group

SPEARHEAD HAS become the latest reach mower manufacturer to become part of the Alamo Group, it was announced at Smithfield last week. The company, based in Pershore, Worcs, joins McConnel, Bomford and Twose.

According to Alamo vice-president Geoffrey Davies, the acquisition of Spearhead will provide the group with access to an even wider customer base – plus a range of heavy duty grass toppers.

“Our aim is to expand our operations in Europe and Spearhead, with its 6m turnover and 30% export business, is clearly a company which we are interested in,” he says.

Spearhead”s managing director Martin Lole sees the acquisition as a good move for the company he started 15 years ago.

“The problem is that we have been too successful,” he explains. “We now need quite a large investment of capital to help us expand our manufacturing site and develop new products. The Alamo Group has agreed to provide that investment.”

As with other companies within the Alamo Group, Spearhead intends to retain its independence with its own management. As such, there is unlikely to be any effect on the company”s 80 employees.

“I would like to think that, outwardly, little will change in the short term,” says Mr Lole. “Hopefully an expansion in production facilities will help us fulfil our order commitments at a faster rate than present.”

The deal is due to be concluded early in the New Year. Mr Davies also hints there will be news of yet another acquisition made by the Alamo Group at this time. .

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