Teagle beefs up Titan muckspreader range

Cornish manufacturer Teagle has introduced a number of tweaks to its Titan rear-discharge muckspreader range.

Running gear updates on the larger 20cu m Titan 15 and 17 models include a unique tubular rear-bed driveshaft that removes the need for a central driveshaft support bearing.

Rear sprockets are 33% heavier to improve lifespan and the drive for the bed gearbox is now through a bigger 75mm rear-bed shaft.

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All large-capacity spreaders – models 10, 12, 15 and 17 – will have heat-treated Boron steel auger flights and tips as a standard fitment.

Teagle says the Boron steel provides six-and-a-half times more wear resistance than mild steel

List prices start at £24,955 for the Titan 10 and go up to £41,935 for the Titan 17, however on-farm prices will be lower due to negotiated discounts.