Lamma 2019: Chafer Guardian and Sentry sprayers

Whether you want a simple sprayer that gets the job done with the least amount of effort or something a lot more sophisticated, manufacturers at the Lamma show will have a solution.

We asked sprayer manufacturers for their guidance on what’s new and innovative at the 2019 show.

Chafer (Hall 9)

A number of upgrades being introduced by Chafer Machinery for its Guardian and Sentry trailed sprayers aim to improve their performance in rolling countryside while providing increased sprayer control.

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The latter comes from installing electronically connected Canbus valves that provide the operator with a real-time signal on their status and position, which Chafer considers essential for auto filling, rinsing and general plumbing functions to avoid mishaps.

The ePlumbing system alerts the operator when a valve fails to move fully to a target position, so the possibility of cross-contamination is eliminated and the operator can have greater confidence in the remotely operated system.

Another feature is automatic agitation shut-off when the tank contents drop to a low level, reducing product foaming, and fewer components in the pipework need to be rinsed.

An extended boom lift and lower range enables the boom to run closer to the ground, even on the largest diameter wheels, to minimise spray drift.

The Chafer Guardian is available in three sizes from 3,000 to 4,000 litres while the larger Sentry tops out at 6,000 litres, with electronic specification available as an option on each range.

Chafer’s Interceptor self-propelled sprayer has also received updates, the most obvious of these being a new cab. Sourced from New Holland, it’s the same unit the manufacturer uses on its FR forage harvesters.


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