Spread-a-Bale offers attachment for loading mixer wagons with straw

Spread-a-Bale has launched a simple attachment system to allow owners to transfer chopped straw straight into a mixer wagon to reduce mixing times and running costs.

The Feed-a-Bale system can also distribute baled hay, haylage and lucerne along feed fences and can slot onto any machine dating back to 2001, including both the M and SBL range.

At the lower end of the scale, the Mini/Midi/SBL100 Feed-a-Bale weighs 28kg and folds down in two sections.

The Feed-A-Bale attachment in action

When not required for feeding, it lifts up on top of the machine in the stored position in less than a minute.

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The bigger Maxi/ SBL125 model weighs 30kg and similarly folds down in two sections.

As for prices, the small model has a list price of £1,065, while the Maxi/ SBL125 retails for £1,260.

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