Standen-Reflex precision placement fert applicator keeps things accurate.

Salad and veg growers are the target for Standen-Reflex’s new UK-made FA 5-10 tractor-mounted precision placement fertiliser applicator. It is said to provide accurate placement of synthetic or organic fertilisers via a proven metering unit from a land wheel drive.

The FA 5-10 has a stainless steel 2.4m wide hopper of about 960 litres of capacity with a plastic cover. The hopper has internal agitation to ensure a smooth flow of product to the metering units and a grille is provided to separate damp, lumpy pieces of fertiliser and prevent fouling of the metering units.

Up to five rows of fertiliser can be applied and metering units are individually adjustable. A simple adjustable positioning spring allows placement of fertiliser exactly where it is required for maximum benefit and downspouts can be adjusted for different positions, according to grower requirements.

The FA 5-10 has an adjustable track width from 1.50m to 1.8m. A rear buffer bar is fitted which can be used to fit mixing tines. Road lights are standard equipment.

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