Stewart 24t Pro trailer gets tough

Stewart Pro trailer

This monster 24t trailer from Scottish maker Stewart has been crafted out of ultra-tough Hardox steel plate and has none of the usual braces down the sides.

Switching to the higher-grade metal means the new rig is stronger and more than half a tonne lighter than a traditionally built alternative. It still tips the scales at 8.75t, though.

The PS 24 31 H is the largest member of the firm’s Pro range of trailers that are built using this new construction technique. The Hardox steel plate is 4mm thick in the floor and 3mm on the sides. But because it’s so tough Stewart claims it won’t dent even if large rocks are dropped into it.

To help spread the weight, Stewart offers three fixed axles as standard and there is an option to upgrade to steering axles too.

They’ve also fitted a quick drop valve that dumps oil straight into the back of the tractor to make it lower more quickly.

The price is £34,000

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