Strautmann’s forage wagons double up as maize trailer

German manufacturer Strautmann claims its updated forage wagons have strengthened sides, enabling carting maize direct from self-propelled forage harvester.

This has been achieved by extending the side panel height and strengthening it to remove the need for roof ropes. The front panel has also been extended with metal fingers to prevent material overflowing.

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Super Vitesse

The wagons have higher-capacity floor motors as standard to maintain decent discharge speed for weighty material. If this isn’t enough power, an optional double motor can be specified.

Both models in the Super-Vitesse range have a 39-knife cutting rotor and require a 120hp tractor unit.

The 3102 has a 29cu m capacity and will set you back £64,157 plus VAT, while the larger 33cu m capacity 3502 model costs £66,443 plus VAT.

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