‘Super-fast’ feed mill from Lacotech

A new type of feed mill claimed to be three times faster than conventional machines made its debut at the show.

In addition to Lacotec reverse-drive forage-harvesters, Somerset firm Noble Machinery is now importing the German manufacturer’s tractor-powered feed mills.

Using the same principle as the disc-type “corn-cracker” kernel processor units the company builds for John Deere’s foragers, the mills employ rows of inter-locking serrated discs to shatter and smash both dry, hard grain and softer, moist grain for crimping.

The key advantage of this is speed. Because the surface area of the inter-locking discs is approximately three times greater than a conventional roller-mill, it can process material at a far greater rate – up to three times faster.

The Lacotec mills can be supplied in either trailed or mounted formats with a bagging chassis, conveyor or auger discharge.

The version on display at the AMES show had two sets of interlocking discs to produce either a fine flour-like feed or a coarser grade. Single rotor versions are also available with prices starting from £15,000.

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