T6000 range tops out and gets more power

First seen at Agritechnica, the T6090 now tops New Holland’s T6000 range, taking its offering to over 200hp. But that’s not all that’s new in the series. All Range and Power Command models will now get higher power boost levels of up to 38hp thanks mainly to tweaked engine management and larger cooling packs.

More power with less weight – the 6090 weighs a mere 5950kg – means the 6090 has a power-to-weight ratio of 28kg/hp, according to NH’s Richard Hollins. “As well as this, it’ll be fitted as standard with 42″ wheels, giving it high ground clearance as well as reduced compaction, making it ideal for tasks like spraying, haulage, baling and drilling.”

Powered by a 6.7-litre NEF engine, the tractor’s rated power will be 165hp and engine power management (or power boost) will kick in during pto, hydraulic and transport applications.

To accommodate the extra cooling equipment needed, each of the new models will be fitted with a slightly taller bonnet than previous 6000 models, and the T6080 will get a whole new cooling pack.

The Sidewinder II armrest, launched on the T7000 Series last year, is now available on all models in the series fitted with electronic remote valves. On this, the multifunction joystick gives operators easy access to the most-used controls, and there’s a control panel to adjust settings on the armrest itself.

A standard feature on the Sidewinder II is the touch-screen IntelliView II monitor, meaning all tractors over 125hp can be fitted with the feature previewed on the T7000 range of tractors last year.

Fully ISO-bus ready, it’s also able to handle multiple camera inputs. For those who wish to opt for mechanical spool valves, the Sidewinder II can still be fitted.

Models fitted with 50kph boxes and/or airbrakes will get an exhaust brake, too, minimising the need for drivers to ride the brakes. Using technology taken from the commercial sector, the tractor has an extra pedal to the left of the clutch. When pressed, it closes a valve in the exhaust manifold causing back pressure in the combustion chamber and slowing the engine in the process.

Cab upgrades mean reduced noise levels (to 70dB, just 1dB above the T7000) and the upgraded cab suspension reduces any sideways movement experienced on previous models, says Mr Hollins.

LS range expanded

Following the success of the T6020 and T6040 LS (loader special) specs launched last year, NH has now expanded the range to take in the smaller T6010 and larger 6-cylinder T6050 and T6070 models.

Although fitted with mechanically-governed engines, each gains a full lighting package. A 113 litres/minute oil flow will be standard, giving nearly twice as much flow as some loader-spec tractors at less revs and with less noise, claims NH.

A low profile roof, auto 4wd and the option of cab and front axle suspension also make this an ideal stockman’s tractor, claims NH.

T6090 and T6000 updates

• Range now tops out at 201hp with T6090
• Increased power boost for all models (38hp)
• Bigger cooling packs
• Exhaust brake on 50kph models or with airbrakes
• Lower noise levels
• More LS models


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