Teagle unveils new-look Tomahawk 6200H bale processor

Ten years since the Telehawk bale processor was introduced, the loader-mounted straw shredding and spreading machine has been upgraded, renamed and given the ability to operate on a tractor as well as a telehandler.

The Tomahawk 6200H – unveiled at the Royal Cornwall Show, Teagle Machinery’s home county event – can self-load a 1.5m round bale or a full-size big square bale up to 2.8m long.

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Instead of Bluetooth, the newcomer has a “paired” wi-fi connection between the cab-mounted control panel and functions on the machine.

Being loader mounted, the 6200H naturally has hydraulic drive to the bed chain, blower and straw teasing drum – the latter with its multiple knife sections rotating at a low speed to minimise dust and maintain stem length for maximum absorption and, therefore, economy in the use of straw.

An adjustable auto-reverse function is designed to minimise the risk of a blockage, and the driveline now incorporates a rubber cush drive coupling to absorb any shocks and smooth the flow of power and torque.

Teagle Tomahawk 6200H

Tomahawk 6200H’s blower sends straw more than 13m into stock pens © Teagle

Tractor or telehandler mounting

The principle change from Telehawk to Tomahawk, though, is that the 6200H can be operated on a tractor as well as a telehandler or wheeled loader, simply by fitting a new bracket assembly in place of whichever loader mountings are in place.

Either way, a minimum of 60-litre/min oil flow and 160 bar pressure are needed – up to 120-litres and 270 bar maximum – and loader lift capacity needs to be at least 2.8t.

The base-spec machine with swivel chute, power cable kit and electric controls is priced at £22,980, with loader mounting brackets of various types adding £615 and three-point linkage mounts £925.

A so-called “ski jump” chute for channelling straw into pig arks is £995.

This is among options that also include road lights and a remote switch for lifting and lowering the loading ramp, which now has a stronger cross bar to retain bales once on board.

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