Claas and John Deere join forces on data-sharing platform

For those running mixed-brand fleets, getting different machines to talk to one another to share useful data has been a constant source of frustration.

However, thanks to new software called DataConnect, information provided by machines from John Deere and Claas, as well as details in the 365 FarmNet portal, are now part of an independent cloud-to-cloud-based sharing service, allowing a two-way transfer of data.

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Users can choose which platform they prefer and, in a similar way to Isobus, the data can be exchanged via a common interface.

This means data from John Deere’s Operations Centre or Claas’ Telematics system can be seen in real time, allowing the user to adopt one system for machine configurations.

Details such as machinery data, location, fuel level and work status can all be displayed, while access to agronomic information is being planned for the future.

Farmers can get an early insight into how the system will work at Agritechnica in November.