Clever crop-monitoring system helps forecast yields

A new cloud-based crop-monitoring platform claims to be capable of providing detailed information about yield forecasts, crop conditions and soil moisture on a field, regional or country scale using data collected from satellite images.

Earth Observing System (EOS) has designed its crop-monitoring tool for input suppliers, commodity traders and crop insurance companies, but it can also be used by large-scale farmers for keeping tabs on huge swathes of land across Europe, North America and Russia.

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It has been developed by a team of data scientists and software engineers and allows companies to see maps showing different crop types, yield forecasts, field boundaries, vegetation indices, growing conditions and weather data. It can also automatically remove cloud cover and shadows.

It includes both historical and current observations to manage risks and evaluate crop performance. This allows quick identification of a field’s performance throughout the growing season as well as high-risk areas affected by droughts, floods or hail.