Field margin and John Deere tie-up to make mapping faster

Farm software company Field Margin has announced its first tie-up with machinery giant John Deere designed to make mapping faster.

Farmers will now be able to speed up the process of creating digital maps of their farm in Field Margin’s software by importing boundaries previously stored in the John Deere operations centre.

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Set up by a Hertfordshire farmer three years ago, Field Margin aims to provide farmers, contractors, agronomists, operators and accountants with a simple way to share and analyse farm data by bringing communications to a central hub.

The free-to-download mobile app can provide detailed farm maps, while doubling up as a note-taking tool, and all of the information can be accessed from anywhere by anyone.

Users who notice a blocked drain, or the start of a mould infestation in winter wheat, can mark the exact point where it was seen and refer to the map when addressing the situation further down the line with the help of pictures and notes.