Futuristic robot Dino can slash weeding costs

French manufacturer Naio Technologies is targeting large-scale farmers and veg growers with its new automated robot weeder, Dino.

Not resembling your typical agricultural machine, Dino uses the RTK satellite signal to move around vegetable plots without damaging plants.

There is a set of cameras to spot lettuce rows and guide the weeding tool as close to the crop as possible.

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The primary aim of the Dino is to control weeds and reduce the use of chemicals, while also slashing diesel consumption and tractor hours. The robot weighs 800kg so compaction is reduced when compared with a sprayer outfit.

With up to eight hours’ work achievable from one charge and working speeds of 3-4kph, daily output of 5ha/day can be achievable with no operator input, the company claims.

This year will see 10 robots being tested across France and Denmark with lettuce being the “guinea pig” crop, while other types of vegetables and field crops are planned for in future.

Once the robot has finished its work, the owner will get a text message to alert them. The cost for all this technology has not yet been revealed by the firm.

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