Kentra grain dryer control system simplifies harvest management

A control system designed to provide reliable drying of combinable crops with minimal intervention will be launched by Kentra at the CropTec event on 29-30 November.

Kentra Dryer Master DM510

The Dryer Master DM510 control unit and software can be retrofitted to most continuous flow crop dryers or embedded into the control panel of a new Kentra dryer.

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Both installations use a pair of moisture sensors to calculate and automatically adjust how long grain needs to spend passing through the dryer to achieve a set target.

Both sensors automatically compensate for grain temperature to ensure accurate readings.

The Dryer Master display provides a view of drying status and settings, a manual option for operators who prefer to make their own discharge rate decisions, a number of alarm alerts and a print-out for records.

Where internet access is available, the display is accessible on a farm office computer or remotely via a tablet or smartphone.

The price of the system is £10,000-£12,000, depending on the installation.