Remote farm spots could be protected with wireless CCTV

Lancashire-based Genius CCTV are introducing a range of wireless CCTV monitors.

The DIY system is theoretically, “plug in and play” and connects up to five cameras to a wireless 3G router.

The images are then viewed through the APCam app or on a computer.

Genius CCTV system

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The outdoor cameras record in high definition and store up to six days of video on an internal SD card, which can be played back in 30-minute segments.

The cameras can all be run from either a 240V three-pin plug or 12V battery.

Each comes with 15m of cable so the router can be places where it’s got signal, and are available in different configurations depending on the situation.

A fixed lens camera is available with a wireless router enclosed for £189, with each additional camera £99.

A pan-tilt-zoom camera, allows the user to control the angle and the zoom remotely, and like the others, mounts with just three screws.

This will set you back £289.

Remote routers can be purchased at £109 and include an EE sim card with three months and 6GB of data to transmit the images.

Second Genius CCTV

The company is looking into live-streaming events, so anyone can go watch footage from the cameras so long as they have permission.

The products are aimed at remote locations such as woods and livestock monitoring so broadcasting you very own version of the BBC’s Lambing Live could be possible sooner than you might have thought.


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