Soyl adds options for variable rate slug pelleting

Customers who pay for the platinum Soyl package now get the added benefit of custom applications that can create variable rate applications for any field and product.

Variable rates can be set for spreading slug pellets or herbicide applications simply by inputting a maximum and minimum figure along with field and product information.

Multiple zones within the field are then created with different rates attached.

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During the field set-up, other layers such as soil types, along with nutrient and yields maps, can be viewed on top of the marked zones to target the right areas.

Custom applications can be used along with iSOYLscout, which allows growers to capture data from field walks and input this into the variable rate plan.

Blackgrass areas mapped in the spring are saved into the plan for special attention during the autumn herbicide applications.

With autumn Methaldehyde use coming under increasing pressure, field walking and identifying the slug-chewed areas can influence where the highest dose rate is applied, as well as possible zones where less product is needed.