Tiny Bluetooth tags locate everything from tools to tractors

Keeping tabs on farm machinery across several sites can be a logistical headache for big contracting businesses but tracking firm Nanolink reckons its BLE Tracker kit could be the answer.

The tiny waterproof tags (25x38mm) can be glued to everything from workshop tools to tractors and trailers, and their diddy lithium-ion batteries will last for four years.

Each tag sends a location ping every two seconds once it connects to the firm’s smartphone app via Bluetooth, which occurs automatically when a staff member, with the app installed, moves to within 100m range. This means it doesn’t provide a constant tracking service – instead, managers can simply view the whereabouts of employees and any equipment in their vicinity.

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BLE tracker on workshop tool

© Nanolink

The app can also store operating instructions, service history and certification records, as well as health and safety information such as pre-work condition checks.

Individual tags cost just £15 each, but buyers will also have to factor in the £50/year subscription for each user of the app.

Nanolink has a version that can be paired with a SIM card to provide a constant tracking service, too. This may be useful in the case of thefts and is designed for bigger machinery. It costs £110, plus monthly data of £8/unit.

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