Topcon adds auto-turn functions to guidance kit

Topcon has added the option of auto-turn and steer-to-boundary functions on its guidance kits.

The new systems work in version 4.02 of its Horizon operating system for the Topcon X25 and X35 guidance and implement control consoles.

Auto-turn allows tractors, sprayers and combines to make fully automated turns at headlands using alternating, infill and single-direction infill patterns.

It works by assessing the machinery geometry and available turning space on the headland to calculate the best turn path, so that it is positioned, ready for the next pass.

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This is handy when working on recently drilled land where there might not be any visual references, such as tramlines or pre-emergence markers, but can also reduce driver fatigue, says Topcon.

Topcon Auto-turn screen

The steer-to-boundary system automatically guides the vehicle along a pre-recorded field boundary, using the selected implement’s width settings to ensure full ground coverage.

“Both systems also have the potential to reduce soil compaction on headlands as they maintain precise, repeatable wheel placement for each operation, akin to controlled traffic management,” says Richard Reed, managing director of Topcon distributor LH Agro.

Steer-to-boundary is a standard feature within Horizon 4.02, while auto-turn is available as an upgrade at a one-off cost of £875.

The Horizon 4.02 software upgrade also enables Topcon’s XTEND function, which allows operators to use their smartphone or tablet as a wireless extension of their console, to be used on the X25 (XTEND is already available on the X35).


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