Trimble dealer launches security system to thwart GPS theft

Worrying rises in GPS thefts across the country have prompted Trimble dealer Vantage England and Wales to launch a security package that helps deter criminals and recover stolen equipment.

The kit costs £70 and includes registration to SmartWater’s SmartTrace tracking system, which marks the equipment with a transparent liquid containing a unique forensic code.

According to the firm, the system is feared by criminals as the liquid is near impossible to remove without severely damaging the item. When exposed to UV light, the markings will glow a yellow-green colour and just a trace the size of a spec of dust is required to identify the product and its owner.

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Packs include 100ml of the forensic liquid, nine stickers to show thieves that the equipment has been marked, plus registration to the SmartWater database. This database is accessible to the police and according to Vantage has resulted in thousands of criminals being convicted of their crimes. The forensic liquid lasts for five years and it will need to be refreshed after that time.

Equipment is also recorded on Trimble’s own asset database, which can be viewed globally. Any items requesting updates or renewals will be identified and the local Trimble reseller will alert the authorities and the owner.

Vantage is offering to help owners with registration and assist with the process of monitoring and tracing any stolen items. SmartWater will also give support in court once criminals have been identified.

New items will be marked by Vantage before they’re sent out and buyers are able to apply the product to existing equipment. UK sales manager Mark Griffiths hopes that most Trimble GPS kit in the UK will be marked and registered, making it difficult for thieves to sell on.

On top of the SmartWater package, the firm is offering quick-release brackets that make it easy for owners to remove antennas and displays from machinery.

It is providing software to back up data and modems that allow information to be automatically uploaded and stored in its servers. Trackers are also available for powered and non-powered pieces of equipment.

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