Telehandler-mounted slurry stirrer gets into awkward spots

Lancashire slurry kit maker Storth has introduced a handy telehandler-mounted stirrer that can get into spots where tractor-powered ones struggle.

This includes above-ground storage tanks, where it can be lifted over the side, as well as slatted sheds, where it can be tilted down into the slurry channel.

The mixer is picked up on the telehandler’s pallet forks and is secured using ratchet straps. Power is provided by a hydraulic motor plumbed into the telehandler’s hydraulic circuit and minimum pump size is 60-80 litres/min at 200-bar pressure.

Stirring duties are carried out by a three-blade propeller. This is 900mm wide and its working angle can be adjusted. In addition, the propeller can turn in both directions allowing slurry to be pushed away or drawn towards it, depending on the requirement.

The hydraulic mixer with a 5m boom costs £5,850+VAT and alternative boom lengths are available on request.

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