Telehandler rip saw makes short work of branches

If James Bond’s next adversary were a farmer, he’d definitely want one of these.

It’s called the Meteor T90R and it’s designed to slice its way through hedgerows, trees and most other wooded obstacles that dare cross its path.

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The telehandler-mounted saw is built by French firm Coup’Eco and comes with either three or four razor-sharp cutting discs. Each of these has 96 teeth around its circumference, which help the saw cut through branches up to 180mm in diameter.

Power is provided by the telehandler’s own hydraulic pump, which should be man enough to spin the cutting discs at speeds of up to 2,000rpm.

The cutting head is mounted on a manual-pivoting bracket with a 1.35m offset, meaning the machine can keep well clear of the cutting carnage up front. The carriage also pivots hydraulically, allowing the driver to flick between horizontal and vertical cutting on the fly. It folds neatly for transport on the road, too.

For those wanting to tackle smaller vegetation there’s an option to swap the blades for a smaller knife-cutting head.

The Meteor T90R is imported by Buckinghamshire firm Risborough Agricultural. The three-disc version costs £12,000.