Compact 130hp 530-60 Agri Super joins JCB Loadall range

JCB’s vast Loadall range has grown again, this time with the addition of the new 530-60 Agri Super. 

It offers a 3t lift capacity and 6m reach, but with relatively compact dimensions that are likely to find favour with farmers dealing with the narrow passages or low shed roofs of dairy, pig and poultry units.

For those situations, buyers are best speccing the 20in wheel option, which keeps height and width to a smidge over 2m, and ground clearance to 23cm.

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Opting for the bigger 24in rims raises the cab roof to 2.14m, widens the footprint to 2.12m and adds another 12cm of ground clearance.

Like its stablemates, propulsion is provided by JCB’s 4.8-litre Dieselmax engine tuned to put out a maximum of 130hp and 550Nm of torque.

This is married to a 40kph two-speed hydrostatic transmission, with the combination apparently delivering 25% more tractive effort than the now retired 527-58 Agri Plus.

In practice, that should translate into more pushing power for bulldozing litter from chicken sheds and the like.

Buyers can also use the firm’s VariSpeed system to control engine rpm and ground speed independently when running oil-driven attachments, such as a bucket feeder or sweeper.

The 97 litres/min hydraulic system features faster boom lowering, boom suspension, boom-end hydraulic cylinder damping and a bucket shake function.

Prices start at £81,771 for the 530-60 Agri Super on 20in rims, or £83,242 for the 24in option.

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