Manitou switches to Yanmar to power MLT 841 and 1041 models

Manitou has unveiled two new long-reach telehandlers fitted with the firm’s latest cab.

The MLT 841 and 1041 New Ag XL models replace the old 840 and 1040, offering a marginal 5cm increase in maximum lift height – to 7.6m and 9.65m respectively – and a 100kg rise in lift capacity, now 4.1t.

The most significant change involves the engine, where John Deere’s 4.5-litre four-cylinder has been ditched in favour of a 4.6-litre block from Japanese maker Yanmar.

It offers an identical maximum output (141hp) but serves up 12% more torque than before and, says Manitou, contributes to 11% lower fuel consumption.

The full package of emissions control kit – EGR valve, particulate filter, SCR and a diesel oxidation catalyst – has been used to beat Stage 5 regulations.

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Drive runs through the same torque convertor transmission with five-speed automatic powershift, so anyone wanting a hydrostatic machine with similar lifting credentials will be pointed towards the MLT 961.

The 200 litre/min hydraulic flow is also the same as before, with flow-sharing distributors allowing several boom functions to operate simultaneously.

However, the new models get the benefits of Manitou’s latest cab, which was launched four years ago on the firm’s mid-sized MLTs. These include a bucket shake function, return to position headstock and Quicklift, which extends the boom as the lift arm rises to speed up bale stacking.

There’s also variable ratio steering, which reduces the number of lock-to-lock turns by 40%, and a high-view camera kit that may come in handy when filling artic trailers with grain.

To take account of the loaded options list, Manitou has added a new spec level – Platinum. This sits above Classic, Premium and Elite, and includes an air-suspended air seat, hydraulic locking pins, extra LED lights, the camera kit and steering system, and automatic greasing.

The company hasn’t revealed any prices but, as a guide, the old top-spec MLT 840 listed at £103,788 and the Elite 1040 was £112,419.

Specs: Manitou MLT 841 and 1041

  • Reach 7.6m/9.65m
  • Lift capacity 4.1t
  • Engine 4.6-litre Yanmar four-cylinder
  • Power 141hp
  • Torque 602Nm
  • Top speed 40kph