Tillage 2007 – only two days to go

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Remember the advert for that chocolate bar – crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside?

Well that’s a pretty good description of many of the heavier soils around the UK this autumn. On top they’re drying out into something tough enough to make a hole in the side of a Challenger tank.

Underneath, though, they’re stodgier than week-old porridge that’s been accidentally made with 50% wallpaper paste.

So how will all that shiny cultivations equipment at this Thursday’s Tillage event cope with this autumn’s weird soil conditions? All those ploughs, tine ‘n’ disc cultivators and min-til drills? All those power harrows and discs and rolls?

There’s only one way to find out and that’s to get yourself along to one of this year’s two Tillage events – at Abingdon this Thursday (13 Sept) and Darrington, North Yorkshire next Tuesday 18 September.

See our Tillage Event landing page for
* Times and prices 
* A selection of pictures from last year’s event

or click on the Tillage Event organiser’s official website for the latest exhibitor list and how-to-get-there maps

Done a bit of ploughing you’re rather proud of? Or some other type of cultivation job that’s brought a warm glow of satisfaction? Then take a picture and send it to our Cultivation Corner (did the earth move for you?).


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