Tillage-Live: Tine and disc combinations from Kverneland

Kverneland has made its CLC stubble cultivator more versatile by offering a choice configurations.

Already a possibility on the Norwegian firm’s trailed models, buyers can now have a bigger say on their mounted machine’s make-up by selecting discs or tines, says Kverneland’s Adam Burt.

The optional set of leading discs and two rows of deeper-working tines is expected to be a popular combination. A second set of levelling discs can also be fitted at the rear.

The CLC is available in rigid-body form from 2.5m to 4m, while folding versions extend width options up to 6m.

Expect to pay about £2,000 more (£18,000) if you opt to have leading discs instead of the tine-only version.

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