Tonka launches new mini wood shaver

Another Buckingshire company has developed a new mini wood shaver for smaller scale use.

The shaver from Tonka Mini Machines (no relation to Tonka Toys, we’re told) can be powered by a three-phase electricity supply, tractor pto or a free-standing diesel engine depending on what’s available on the farm.

For those that are running it on the back of the tractor there’s a three-point linkage and the company also plans to build a wheeled chassis to tow the shaver about.

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The power supply drives a spindle with five blades to shave the incoming wood. Blades will last between 80-100hrs provided the wood used is predominantly soft pine, says Tonka Machines.

The 1.4×0.6m shaver is capable of slicing its way through up to 1t/hour and, because the shavings aren’t being bagged, wood can be processed at up to 50% moisture. List price is £5,495.

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