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Sound Traveller K3000 ST

What is it? Portable MP3-player/iPod speaker set-up

Features: 6W speakers, laptop compatible, storage case, uses AA batteries

FW Verdict: Compact, easy-to-use, a little tinny

Star Rating: 3/5

Price: £65

Contact: 01420 542 980 or


Flexxaire Fan System


What is it? Reversible engine cooling fan

Features: Manual or automatic activation, fits existing fan hub, optional to vary blade pitch according to engine temperature, reducing power usage

FW Verdict: Ensures maximum cooling capacity is always available and could potentially reduce fuel consumption

Star rating: 4/5

Price: From £950 according to engine spec

Contact: 01270 883 479 or


Sealey 12V Battery Tester

battery tester

What is it? Tester plugs into cigarette lighter socket

Features: Shows battery charge level via five LEDs Integral reading light

FW Verdict: Straightforward bit of kit for simple electrical fault-finding

Star rating: 3/5

Price: £6.99

Contact: 01284 757 500 or


GT85 spray oil

GT85 spray oil

What is it? Lubricating and penetrating fluid

Features: Contains PTFE, frees seized and rusted fittings, 1-litre pump spray plus 400ml and 200ml aerosols

FW Verdict: Great alternative to WD40. New 200ml can ideal for toolboxes.

Prices: £1.99-£6.95

Contact: 01730 825 151 or

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