Top crunches from our Wreckers Yard archive

Farm machinery can be tricky stuff to handle and hard as we try to keep it out of trouble there’s always a minor kit-related mishap lurking round the corner.

Thankfully, the machine usually takes the brunt of the impact leaving the driver with little more than a heavily dented ego to contend with.

Shaking off the embarrassment can take some time, but it passes much more quickly if you fess up and share the crunch with everyone else – if your mates haven’t got there first that is.

Our Wrecker’s Yard gallery is packed with pictures of farm machinery that’s been crumpled, overturned, bogged down or incinerated.

If you’ve got any pictures of machinery related carnage that you’d like us to include, email them to You can also upload them directly at or share them on Twitter using #wreckersyard.

It could be anything from an upturned trailer to a tractor buried in the mud or the aftermath of a combine fire. Just remember the machine is the only casualty in Wreckers Yard and we don’t want to see any accidents that result in anyone getting hurt.

Here are a few or our favourites from the Wreckers Yard archive:

Major upset

 Fordson Major crash

Rotac Farm’s treasured Fordson Super Major came apart at the seams after attempting to winch a bogged-down carrot harvester on to firmer ground. Its 25-year service on the Norfolk farm came to an end when a 150hp tractor was hooked on the front to stop it lifting. Eventually, something had to give.

International diver

 International tractor crash

This poor International 855XL dived into the bottom of this ravine when the handbrake failed while collecting firewood.

Crumpled Case combine

 Case combine crash

The driver of this Case Axial Flow picked up a tad too much speed coming down a hill, slipped into a ditch and flipped. He was a member of a US custom cutting team and was rushing to get to the next farm. Luckily he was unhurt, apart from his pride.

Runaway Fendt

 Fendt crash

This was the scene after a Fendt 716 and Bailey trailer careered across a field and into the side of a cottage in How Caple, Herefordshire. The tractor was hauling wheat from a combine working in a field behind the house when it was apparently left parked without the handbrake being applied.

Compact Massey

 Massey Ferguson tractor crash

From what we can work out this was once a Massey Ferguson 6200-series tractor. Apparently the driver was happily cruising at about 18mph down a deserted shingle road near Edmonton, Canada when the hydraulics on his loader failed. The bucket dug in and the loader acted like a giant pry-bar splitting the engine from the transmission and back-end.

Mangled McCormick

 McCormick tractor crash

The driver of this McCormick MC115 was doing his best to get a look at a girl in the farm office and careered into a nearby ditch. The 25t of mushroom compost following behind was sufficient to do the pictured damage.

Flattened Fiat

 Fiat tractor crash

This poor Fiat 680 DTH was sent to the Welsh hills for a quiet retirement. But while spreading fertiliser at the top of a steep back it started to slide. As it picked up speed the driver realised it was still in 2wd. He quickly flicked it into 4wd, which caused the front wheels to grip and flip the tractor on to its roof. The driver escaped with minor bruises and was more upset about the 600kg heap of fertiliser that was dumped in the field.

Tree-climbing combine

 combine crash

A worker at John Manners’ breaker yard was moving this combine from the low-loader to the yard when it slipped off the tines and came to rest against a tree. The loader being used was a 20t capacity docks machine that is normally designed to move shipping containers about. Workers managed to pull the combine back level, where an inspection showed that it had suffered little damage.

Claas baler on a roll

 combine crash

The towing eye on this Claas Rollant baler gave way as the driver was speeding down a hill on a Norwegian farm. As it detached from the tractor the drawbar dug into the track, setting the baler up for perfect forward roll.

New Holland v Ford Focus

 combine crash

When a car hits a tractor you expect the car to be the loser. But it didn’t happen that way for this New Holland tractor. As the driver edged out of the field onto the road a Ford Focus came out of nowhere and hit the side of the tractor at about 40 mph. The impact split the tractor in half but all the car had was a dent in the front of the driver’s side.

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