Tractor-mounted blade will keep roads clear of snow

If the Daily Mail is right in predicting a snowy winter, you may want to consider a front-mounted snowplough.

The Samasz PSV271 and PSV301, imported by Weaving Machinery, can mount on the front of a tractor on Cat 2 fittings. They can be used on telehandlers, too, and will clear tracks 2.7m or 3.03m to either side when used as a straight blade or 2.35m or 2.62m when used as a V-plough.

The Hardox steel blades can be hydraulically adjusted to 30deg to either side or configured as a V from the tractor cab using a remote plug-in control unit. Screw height-adjustable polyurethane caster wheels control the blade’s working height and keep the rubber scraper edge parallel to the road surface and independent of the tractor. Cost is £3,180 for the PSV271 and £3,880 for the PSV301.

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