Agritechnica 2023: Tafe swaps vintage rebuilds for electric and hydrogen power

Tafe might be best known for its reproductions of classic Massey Ferguson tractors, but the Indian brand has been beavering away on a host of more modern products.

Additions include a compact fully electric prototype called the e30, which has 25kWh of lithium-ion batteries powering three electric motors – one to drive the wheels, one to run the pto and one for the hydraulics.

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The plan is to put it into production in the near future and, because of its near silent fume-free operation, it should be well suited to indoor environments such as cubicle sheds.

Slightly further from active service is the firm’s hydrogen project, showcasing a modified 55hp Simpson three-cylinder engine fed from hydrogen tanks positioned at the sides of the machine.

This engine also features in the firm’s new 7500-series tractors, which have a 12×12 speed synchro shuttle transmission, two spool valves and come with the option of a cab that can be specced with air conditioning.

Mod cons such as retrofit autosteer guidance and telematics can be added too.

Tafe 7515 tractor

Tafe 7515 tractor © James Andrews

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