Case adds new six-pot Maxxum 150 model

In response to customers’ preferring a six-pot engine over a the smaller four-cylinder blocks, Case has added a new range-topping Maxxum 150 that has a six-cylinder engine under the bonnet.

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The Maxxum 150 is powered by a FPT 6.7-litre engine – the same lump that is in the bigger Optum range – that develops the same power as the current four-cylinder FPT 4.5-litre engine, currently in the Maxxum 145 model.

As with other Maxxum models, transmission options range from the semi-power shift ActiveDrive 4 and ActiveDrive 8 to the firm’s CVXDrive continuously variable offering.

With the bigger lump comes an increase in torque reserves, with the six-potter churning out 740Nm@1,500rpm compared with the 700Nm of the smaller block in the 145, along with the option to run at a lower engine speed for increased fuel savings.   

Despite the engine upgrade, there is no change to the frame dimensions and weight has only increased by 130kg to 5,020kg.

The new tractor has all the options available to current Maxxum models, including AFS AccuGuide automatic steering with the RTK accuracy down to 2.5cm, along with AccuTurn for headland management options.

Buying the new six-pot 150 Maxxum for your farm will leave you £98,394 lighter.