Michelin launches road-friendly tyres for 200hp tractors

Michelin has launched a new tarmac-friendly RoadBib tractor tyre that is longer-lasting and offers a more comfortable ride than existing deep-lugged options for operators clocking up high road miles.

The new rubber design is the firm’s first to be focused solely on high road-going performance, longevity and traction for the 200hp+ market.

The company estimates that farm contractors clock more than 50% of their time on the road (equivalent to 80% of their total distance travelled), much of which is spent coupled to heavy trailers that adds to the stress on the tyres.

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Central to the RoadBib’s development is an unusual tread design that comprises 52 tread blocks to maximise traction. These are paired with a main central spine that wraps around the wheel.

This allows 40% of the tyre to remain in contact with the road surface at all times, says Michelin – a 60% increase versus a MachXBib lugged agricultural tyre. The new layout should also improve driver comfort and extend tyre life.

Tyres will initially be available in a limited range that includes 600/70 R30 and 710/70 R42 sizes, and they have been trialled extensively by contractors across Europe over the past couple of years.

One of those was Henzell Enterprises in Northumberland, which took part in the pre-launch testing – its Fendt 828 Vario is pictured wearing RoadBib boots and the firm has since clocked up 4,000 hours with them fitted.

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