Rostselmash’s monster artic tractor meets emissions regs

Rotstelmash 2400 artic tractor

Rostselmash 2400 artic tractor © Jonathan Page

Farmers with a penchant for simple, high-horsepower tractors might like the look of Rostselmash’s 2400 artic steer, which is effectively a rebadged previous-generation Versatile.

It runs a Cummins X12 six-cylinder that generates a maximum power of 439hp.

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Things are kept simple in the gearbox department, with a Okubo Quadshift III 12×4 transmission that requires a declutch for every change. Cheeringly, it’s three times cheaper than the equivalent powershift.

For Europe, the engine has been cleaned up and now complies with Stage 5 emissions law.

GPS is an option using a Trimble GFX 750 screen, and five electrically controlled spools and power beyond are standard. Air conditioning is also available.

Prices start at €180,000 (£155,000), but it is unclear if we’ll be seeing them in the UK.

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