Aqua Zorb’s nifty fabric strip removes water from fuel tanks

East Yorkshire firm Aqua Zorb has developed a system for removing water in fuel tanks to improve the reliability of engines and reduce the likelihood of filter-blocking bacteria growing.

The simple item is a strip of sturdy nylon fabric filled with an absorbent inert, non-toxic chemical formulation.

A steel rod pins the cell at the bottom of the fuel tank, where it slowly swells as it absorbs water.

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using an aqua zorb on a tractor's diesel fuel tank

A stainless steel line doubles-up as a retrieval device and safety earth wire, and can be attached to the lid of the tank. 

The strip is available in lengths of 36cm or 81cm and its width is dependent on the size of the tank. The cells should last one year, with a 36cm version starting at £13.

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