Deutz-Fahr launches new 150-250hp tractor range

German manufacturer Deutz-Fahr has launched a new four-model, 150-250hp tractor range, set to go on sale this autumn.

The latest 6.1-litre, six-cylinder engines don’t just meet Tier 4 final emissions regulations, but also comply with the even stricter Tier 5 limits.

The tweaked block is said to produce a long, flat torque curve to match the CVT transmission, so should allow the tractor to run at low revs while still producing enough power for high-speed work.

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The tractors also get a redesigned cooling system that should better cope with the excess heat produced by the emissions gubbins, while a big fold-out radiator and clever electro-viscous fan is meant to stop any blockages.

Deutz-Fahr 7250 tractor

Deutz has taken the opportunity to move the air intake and filter away from the side of the cab to the front of the bonnet. This new system is said to remove 95% of dust before it enters the primary filter and helps with visibility, too.

Further back, the cab is now separated from the bonnet by a large gap to reduce noise, heat and vibration, and the UV-protected Visio roof should also stop the driver’s forehead getting fried on sunny days.

Speed options include 40kph, 50kph and 60kph on its stepless TTV models and the new RC-Shift boxes come with a 50kph eco mode.

Gearing up

The RC-Shift is similar to the current power-shift box, although this time around it gets five gears with six shifts and is controlled by a new computer system. It is designed to work at a maximum of 72kph, so it will achieve 50kph at a little over 1,400rpm.

After taking it for a quick blast up the field, it seemed to work effectively. The shift and range changes appear pretty smooth and it’s essentially like driving an automatic car.

Standard features on the 60kph models include ABS and dry front brakes, but such luxuries are still an option on lower-spec versions.

Meanwhile, there’s a new Dana-made front axle and suspension that uses a long arm pivoting at the back of the engine with hydraulic dampers in front of the axle. The amount of damping varies according to driving style.

The full LED light pack provides a total of 16 work-lights that churn out a massive 40,000 lumens – pretty bright when you consider the sun is 98,000 lumens.

How’s the market?

Deutz says it has been working hard to fulfil its aim of doubling UK market share, even with the continued fall in worldwide commodity prices.

Despite European tractor sales dropping 14.5% over the past two years, Deutz claims it has increased market share by 16% across the Continent and UK tractor sales are up 63% in the past 12 months.

The company puts the increase in sales down to the acquisition of more dealerships. Unlike the rest of Europe, UK farmers are fairly dealer-loyal, so Deutz hopes to add to its sales network and make the most of their existing customer base.

The company also announced it still plans to build a 500hp tractor. The top brass are remaining tight-lipped on how exactly it will look, but it’s unlikely to have much in common with the crazy eight-wheeled Agro XXL concept revealed back in 2009.

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