John Deere to phase out signal for old Starfire iTC kit

Users of John Deere’s Starfire iTC receivers are being urged to upgrade their kit as Deere will end basic correction signals for these devices by January 2021.

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Farmers using any older iTC receiver will be able to trade in for the latest fourth-generation Starfire 6000 model at their local dealer. The offer includes the receiver, SF3 correction signal and a 4240 or 4640 screen, with the offer open until the end of April at a ‘specially reduced price’.

These units entered the market in 2004 and were cutting-edge technology back in the day, giving Deere its first leap into the guidance market. However, newer units with more processing power has meant these slightly long-in-the-tooth models will no longer receive SF1 and SF2 signals.

After this date, Autotrac steering will only work with the more accurate RTK signal, although it will be possible to use section control and parallel tracking with older 2630 and 1800 Greenstar displays.

The new kit benefits from PIN code locking system to prevent theft, Isobus compatibility and the ability to pick up signals quicker. There is a £475 saving on offer when trading in an old iTC display for the new Starfire 6000, with further discounts available depending on other items being traded in.

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