Kubota adds electronic rear lift for M5 tractors

An electronic rear lift (ELC) is now available as a retrofit add-on for older Kubota M5 tractors.

The ELC is a factory-fit option for the recently introduced M5002 range, but can also be installed on previous-generation M5001s by Kubota’s dealer network. The process sees the original spool levers replaced by electronic controls without modifying or trimming cab panels. 

electronic rear lift button in Kubota tractor

© Kubota

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Users get a rocker switch to raise and lower the three-point linkage and a rotary dial for depth control. Three additional knobs are used for draft, drop rate and maximum lift height, along with a linkage lock/release button featuring an LED indicator. The ELC kit also includes external fender controls on the nearside rear wing.

The option is priced at £1,643.88.

Meanwhile, Kubota has introduced Stage 5 versions of its diddy four-model L1 range, which starts at 45hp and rises to 55hp, and its six-model L2 tractors, which reside in the 45-61hp bracket.

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