Lamma 2018: John Deere revamps 5-series tractors

Revamped versions of John Deere 5E- and 5M-series tractors will be introduced to UK farmers, powered by three- and four-cylinder engines now equipped with electronic common rail fuel injection.

That helps them meet emissions requirements and, in the case of the 5E-series, it also contributes to power gains on two models.

-John Deere 5090M tractor

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With the addition of the 49hp 5050E, the 5E line-up now comprises four models, with power outputs also running to 60hp, 68hp and 75hp.

The range now drives only through power shuttle transmissions with 12×12 or 24×12 gears.

The 75-115hp 5M line-up now has a 90hp version in place of its 85hp predecessor and rear linkage lift capacity has increased from 3.6t to 4.32t as standard, along with gross vehicle weight limits enabling the tractors to handle larger implements.