Quicke develops weigh cells for tractor-mounted loaders

A retrofit weigh cell device from loader maker Quicke could help users tot up how much material they have shifted via an in-cab screen or mobile app.

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The new Q-companion uses sensors mounted on the loader to weigh the contents lifted by the attachment.

Each lift is shown and recorded in the screen and gives the operator easy access to historic loading records.

Q-Companion display in cab

The system can also store up to 30 different attachments in the screen, which can be calibrated individually for weighing and position read outs.

For those who use their front loaders a lot and rarely have access to a weighbridge, the device looks good value at less than £1,000.

It also links to the mobile app so users can compare jobs from their phones.

The firm has also introduced a new Quadropgrip TS bale handler that can shift most bale sizes and shapes.

There’s the choice of two arm lengths to suit the bale type, which sit on a telescopic slider rather than a pivot to help minimise the space needed in tight barns.

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