Trailer’s sliding discharge ram offers greater silage capacity

Fleigl push-off trailers offer farmers and contractors the chance to improve the transport capacity of their silage fleet by up to 40%, according to importer Kilworth.

As with any other trailer, its rated capacity of 14t may be realistic for grain – but with bulky crops, such as chopped grass, the payload falls dramatically.

To overcome this, the unit’s sliding discharge ram is used to compress the silage, allowing more bulk to be blown into the trailer body.

Not using a tipping body offers other advantages, says the company. Most obviously it allows access to sheds with low-slung roofs and improves safety when working on undulating terrain. It also speeds turnaround time at the clamp because there’s no need to wait for the trailer to drop before leaving the yard.

Available with the option of a muckspreader tailgate, the basic unit costs 15,000 equipped with sprung drawbar and hydraulic tailgate.