Krampe’s aluminium KS 950 offers massive 25t payload

Following the KS 900 tipping trailer launched in December 2014, German manufacturer Krampe has bolted a lightweight aluminium body to the chassis giving the new model a whopping payload of nearly 25t.

The new KS 950 has a capacity of 48cu m with an empty weight of 7,100kg and is available with an attachment for a lorry fifth wheel or a dolly unit for use with a standard tractor.

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Standard road tyres are available for lorry units and flotation tyres for field travel with 30.5in being the maximum rubber size. Optional disc or drum brakes can be fitted to the off-road axles.

Krampe KS 950 trailer

The hydraulic tailgate comes as standard and the air suspension and wider front springs provide a stable ride for the monster body, said Krampe. Prices are only available on application and the trailers are likely to appeal to farmers with lots of road work or closed estates.


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